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Forex Prosperous mindset: relax & rise over emotions, own the game

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by plukin, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. plukin

    plukin Guest

    Hello traders,

    the purpouse of this thread is to share how to trade the market and not let the market trade you.

    Say good bye to emotional trading,
    say good bye to repeating same mistakes over and over and feeling rather powerless about that,
    say good bye to let your emotions run you.
    Claim your power back, become the boss, relax into that, own the game and enjoy it.
    Handle your emotions with ease and grace and relax so you can tune into the flow of the moment, feeling where the market is and what's going on.

    This can be your reality, it's all up to you and your commitment to face what's there to face. The only reason why we don't experience the results we want is our unwillingness to face what's there to be faced. And the more we accept that the easier it becomes to turn the awarness onto what needs to be faced.

    For a long time I thought it's about trading, markets, price, charts, system, statistic etc.but all these are nothing but add ons. Who is in charge here? Who is responsible for all the decision made during trading day? Trader is. So master yourself..and the rest becomes non issue, the right, profitable decisions will become natural, because it's who we all are in our core. It's just that due to the past, the way we learned to operate during the life, we didn't allowed our natural abilities to work for our highest and best as much as they could be. How much or how little that's individual, but looking at your results and comparing that to where you want to be will tell you how much "things" gotta shift.

    I'll add more as time permits. Couple practical tips for now.

    1) Self-awareness, Self-awareness, Self-awareness:
    - learn to observe yourself, the state you are in, what's going on within your body. Whether you believe it or not right now doesn't matter, you have that ability anyway and it's just a matter of practice and turning the lens of your awareness within. Your body will tell you bunch of stuff that will greatly help you navigate forward. It's the best set of indicators I know of. Seriously. :)

    - What state you/your body is in? Is your breathing calm and deep? Is you breathing shallow and quick? Are you relaxed? Are you somewhat contracted? Do you feel some tension/contraction/pressure somewhere? Do you feel something flowing inside? That's the way your body communicates with you telling you what you might be interested to be aware of. And again, even if you don't think you feel anything..you do. So just keep observing & practicing. I was the same "I don't feel anything" guy. Boy, was I wrong! :)

    - If you fail to be aware of where you are right now, how can you move towards where you wanna be? You can't.

    2) Breath calmly, deeply:
    - whenever you realize that emotions comes up or already owns you, PAUSE and focus on breathing, the market can wait. After all emotional based decisions pretty much suck and I guess you might already know that too.
    - Breath in, focus on the breath going through your body, wait 2-3 seconds, breath out. Relax your body. Rinse and repeat.
    - If the emotions are too high - either too much fear or too much enthusiasm, quick deep breathing might be better, as if you would just finish 100m sprint or do some heavy lifting.

    - Simply breath anything that clouds your thinking away. And breath away/relax any density/contraction in your body that you become aware of by simply breathing into it. The less contraction/density there's in your body, the more the energy can flow, the calmer you are and the better decisions you make as the brain has enough oxygen. That way you relax the fight & flight response that might get triggered during you trading day. There's no point in being on high alert if you don't have a lion behind your back. There are reason why the fight & flight protective mechanism gets activated even when we consciously don't see any danger. I'll address that later. It requires "update" of what's considered dangerous by our system.

    For now you calm it down by deep breathing telling it literally "It's ok, no danger in sight, whatever it was that triggered it..it's ok now, just relax". This Fight & flight prepares for battle, maximum speed and efficency of reactions and it cuts the flow in the body and also into the brain making you react instinctively. Which is pretty much light speed. Made you have this experience when you reacted kind of automaticaly eventhough you got surprised by something. And then you wonder how on earth did you actually do that? Great reaction, great response, not even prepared..maybe it could be better..but it was perfect and proper enough..and you just don't understand how did you actually do it. That's was the instict in action.

    Thinking takes too much time. Yet throughout the evolution, as the real danger became less and less part of our reality we forgot to listen to our instincts and in order to make them work for as again, we gotta get in touch with them again and integrate them. And self-awareness, exploring yourself is the way to do it.

    You can't screw it, there's no right or wrong way. Whatever works for you. Be creative, play with it, feel free to experiment. After all it's about finding what works for you/the way it works for you and that's about self-awareness.

    3) know your WHY's:
    - WHY you want WHAT you want
    - WHY you do WHAT you do
    - helps you with clarity and getting all of you on board with what you want. Sounds weird? If you would be totally on board with what you want, you'd live it already. As that is obviously not the case, there are reasons why you limit yourself/your life. By digging for the WHY you bring the stuff that stays in the way to your awareness and that's where it ends for it's the begining of it's end. The end of it having power over you. For only what's hidden has power over us. Become aware of it and it's days are numbered.

    Feedback is welcomed and appreciated together with questions.
    I ask for respect and gentlemans attitude. We might disagree, that's ok but there's a line there. I'm not interested in "I'm right you are wrong" plays. That's just not worth my time & energy. Am I wrong from your point of view? Ok, I am totally ok with that. After your it's your perception and so be it.

    What I write about I breath and live myself. I am walking my talk. My trading results, more like the pain of them made me become aware of all that and tought me to develop these skills and operate the way I operate now. I was basicaly forced by "life" to face the painful truth..And I am grateful I stopped running away from it and had the balls to face it.
    "Shoulda" do it a lot sooner but I wasn't aware of what's going on, what really matters and what to do with all that. That's why I share it here so you don't have to repeat the mistakes I did. It's costly, it's painful and you just don't have to. Life can be challenging itself enough. :)

    It's just amazing how trading and all my life became so much more relaxed, stress free and profitable. The journey is ongoing but I no longer take trading and life personaly. No longer proving anything to anyone, not even to myself. No matter what happens..I turned into "Ok, don't really like the outcome/ the way I reacted/responded etc..hmm, OK, no big deal. Now what?" ..no longer beating myself or blaming myself. No longer blaming others or circumstances.."bad luck" etc..simply, ok, stuff happens but life goes on and obviously there is something to learn that I didn't know! So keep playing the best way you can! :)

    And that's really nice state to be in. And yeah, life gets challenging, it still does. I do stupid trading decisions..but less and less..and they are less costly. Simply my entire relationship with myself and all that I face through out the day shifted.. And that's amazing and priceless.

    My intention is that you guys experience the same state of ease, grace and relaxation as you trade and go throughout your day.

  2. Diego San

    Diego San Member

    Dec 10, 2019
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