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Craps Question on style of play for a relative new player.

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by Austin, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Austin

    Austin New Member

    Feb 24, 2019
    Hey everyone, brand new here but have been looking for some craps forums to get an idea on if my style of play is something sustainable or if I should make some adjustments.

    First off, I’m relatively new to craps (less than 2 months of playing at least once a week) so my knowledge is limited but not non-existent of the game. So for my local craps table they only have two tables, a normal craps and crapless craps table, I personally always play the crapless table (I know it has worse house odds on the pass line). My normal set up is table minimum on the pass line and always go 1x on my free odds. Then, I do a $12 6 and 8 ($10 min table and have to be proper) and a $20 10 that I buy (casino is only one around so they make you buy your points up front). The first time I hit a 6 or 8 I’ll press all the way up and then every time after I’ll just press them up $6 each time. For the 10, I always press it up just $5 after every hit. When one of those 3 numbers are the point, I’ll do a $20 11 as substitute and press it like I do my 10.

    Really, my question is this a decent sustainable strategy for someone who wants to turn a pistitive return but also whose playing to have fun. I also always do 3, 4, 3 for the all small, all, and all tall. I’d love to hear people’s strategies for playing the crapless table and constructive cristicm on my style if there’s things I could do to improve my chances. (Obviously understanding the casino will always have the edge at the end of the day.) Thanks for any help in advance! Cant wait to go through the site even more to pick up on more and more things.

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