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Craps Quick Craps Question on Method

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by andrew konja, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. andrew konja

    andrew konja New Member

    Apr 10, 2018
    Hello all, new member here. I've been reading some threads here i've been gabling for some time now. I was playing slots back in my time and have recently switched to baccarat/craps and have been of course doing a lot better. I recently thought of a method that I thought of doing on my upcoming trip. I normally just bet on pass but I thought of a method that of course would be frowned upon but who here cares, most of us are here to make money and have fun and i'm sure most of us have had our days where we have walked out unhappy. So i've heard you can bet on Pass and Don't pass. So lets say I bet $100 on pass and don't pass, so in that case, the only scenario that I would lose would be if a 12 came out. So lets I were to keep doing this for X amount of bets till lets say a point of 4 came out where only 3 possible rolls could come out, and then placed $1000 behind my original $100 bet, would this be possible? Has anyone tried this? Would this be a issue? I haven't of course tried this, however, I have placed bets behind my original bet after a point has been established on my Pass bet of course but I have never bet both Pass and Don't Pass yet alone placed a bet behind Don't Pass but I have placed probably 10X my original bet behind it. Would this be a good idea? Any other good methods you guys would recommend? I just saw this forum a few hours ago and am still reading threads. Great forum and thanks for responding in advance!
  2. Buzz B Berkeley

    Buzz B Berkeley New Member Founding Member

    Jan 30, 2015
    Hi Andrew,

    Let’s take a closer look at your strategy.

    Let’s use $10 as our betting unit. So we put $10 on pass, and $10 on don’t pass.

    Let’s see what happens on the come out roll:

    2 = “Craps” Lose the pass bet (down $10), win the don’t pass bet (up $10). Result: No Gain, No loss.

    3 = “Craps” Lose the pass bet (down $10), win the don’t pass bet (up $10). Result: No Gain, No loss

    4 = Point - no outcome (both bets remain)

    5 = Point - no outcome (both bets remain)

    6 = Point - no outcome (both bets remain)

    7 = “Natural” - Win the pass bet (up $10), lose the Don’t pass bet (down $10), Result: No Gain, No loss

    8 = Point - no outcome (both bets remain)

    9 = Point - no outcome (both bets remain)

    10 = Point - no outcome (both bets remain)

    11 = “Natural” - Win the pass bet (up $10), lose the Don’t pass bet (down $10), Result: No Gain, No loss

    12 = “Craps” Lose the pass bet (down $10), win the don’t pass bet (up $10). Result: No Gain, No loss

    (However, every casino Craps table bars either 2 OR 12. So, there are two ways to lose on the come out and two ways to win on the come out.)

    NOTE: So you will lose $10 on either the 2 or the 12 depending upon which is NOT barred on your table.

    So - you’ve zeroed out on all but one of the come out rolls. There is usually no change to your bankroll, but you do stand to lose $10 - and never win $10.

    You’ve put a lot of work out there on the table for no possible gain, but a possible loss… and you’ve only succeeded in raising the house odds against you.

    As for “placing” a $1000 bet behind the four, why not behind the 10 also?

    Further; when you say behind, I hope you mean behind your don’t four - then you’re a 2-1 favorite to win that bet (more 7s than 4s). But if you mean behind your DO (pass) bet - you’d be better off placing it on your DO 6 or 8 - but - you’re a 6-5 loser.

    Depending on what you meant, You stand to Win $1000 or Lose $1000 - OR (odds) You stand to Win $500 or Lose $1000.

    The casino owner - hopes and prays that you come and play at his casino with this “system”.

    You need to learn the difference between “placing” a bet, and laying (or taking) odds.

    AND - of course, more than the come out roll, what happens AFTER the come out roll is going to effect your bankroll!

    And that cannot be explained in a simple post. I wrote an entire book on what happens next. It’s called “Winning Craps Money”. You can find it on Clickbank if you’re interested.
  3. andrew konja

    andrew konja New Member

    Apr 10, 2018
    Thanks for your reply! I of course would be willing to place the same on a 10 vs a 4 since they have the same probability. I'm your opinion, why would you place a pass the DO 6 or 8 instead of waiting for a 4 or 10 point and betting DONT with more probabilitys of a 7 to come? I see your point tho, with the risk of you losing on 12 it may outweigh the purpose. My main question was asking if after you place your DONT PASS bet, and a point is rolled, how much can you place behind your bet, betting that a 7 will roll before the point is rolled. So if $10 was placed on DONT PASS and a 4 was rolled, could I place $100 behind my bet laying 4 won't come and the shooter will crap or do most casinos only allow 2x your bet? I know PASS bets don't have a limit. Thanks again for your response!
  4. varmenti

    varmenti Member

    Feb 17, 2018
    Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
    Don't bother. it's not a good way to start playing craps. If you want to play for the sake of just rolling the dice:

    Bet the minimum on both Don't Pass & Pass along with $1.00 Twelve crap and roll away.
    Repeat the steps on every come out roll and you only pay $1.00 every time you want to roll the dice.

    A minor correction to some other post above:
    If the 12 crap gets rolled the Don't Pass is bar (Push) and you lose the Pas Line bet.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018

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