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TurboGenius Repeaters - How it all started.

Discussion in 'TurboGenius's Forum' started by jekhb1976, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. jekhb1976

    jekhb1976 Active Member

    Jan 5, 2019
    The very first repeaters system i played at a live BM was this....

    Betting a number once it shows above expected for as long as it stays above expected.

    We note a cycle as 35 spins, this because of the payout.

    All numbers that show more then 1 time during the first cycle are bein' played.

    No progression at this stage, just play those numbers.
    If you look at the first cycle, numbers that show above average (2 hits or more) will stay above expected at least up to spin 70) This because of 1:37, what is the expected value for each number on the wheel.

    if we take the following example,

    in the first cycle 8 numbers showed up 2 times, and 3 of those numbers showed up 3 times. Meaning you got 11 hits above average, wich is common.

    These numbers will stay above average (Hot) up to spin 70, end of cycle 2. now the average is 2:70.

    What did i bet and how?

    every time a number would repeat in the first cycle i would put 1 chip on it. when one of those numbers would hit again (3 hit) i would do nothing, just playing flatbet.
    All the way up to spin 35.

    Now we are at the start of the second cycle (spin 35-70).
    We have 8 number from the first cycle we are gonna play from the start of cycle 2. These previous 2 hits (or 3 and above) are still the hottest numbers up to this point, so why shouldn't i play them?.

    In the second cycle, a number need to have 3 hits (total) before we can add that number to our list of betting numbers.
    Because a 3 hit in the second cycle will remain a hot number up till spin 105.

    So in the second cycle, all numbers that show up for the third time are bein' added to our list.

    Now we are at spin 70 ( end of second cycle). We now look at our numbers from cycle 1. Wich of those did hit again in the second cycle and wich didn't show up.
    Numbers that have hit again in this cycle are numbers that remain hot numbers and are bein' rewarded with a raise in betsize.
    Number from the first cycle that didn't hit again in the second cycle are numbers wich have returned to an average number and are not usuable anymore. These numbers will be removed from our betting list. These numbers are pottential cold numbers from now on, so why would i keep playing them?.

    Most of the time, there will be around 2-5 numbers from the first 8 who will hit again in the upcoming cycle., call it law of the third or whatever.

    To some it up
    this is a rolling basis system playing only hot numbers.

    cycle 1
    bet all numbers that repeat.

    cycle 2
    bet all numbers that show up for the third time, including the repeats and above from the first cycle.

    cycle 3
    remove all the numbers from the first cycle that didn't hit again in the second cycle and raise bets on those that did.

    etc etc.

    always loved this method, remains one of my favorite ones if i wanna have some fun.
    easy to track, easy to play.

    the only thing that is changed, is my mindset. HG doesn't excist, but you can still have some fun while out with some friend.
  2. Smitridel

    Smitridel Active Member

    Oct 3, 2019
    The fact that you're posting in Turbogenius's section really has me baffled after all the shit you gave Turbo.

    This is a strange place, indeed.
    Andrew likes this.
  3. jekhb1976

    jekhb1976 Active Member

    Jan 5, 2019
    Why? because i disagree, on what he is doin'?
    I said it before and i will say it again IT'S NOT PERSONAL!!!! Yes i can be a pain in the ass, ask my wife :) but it doesn't mean i'm hoping to be proven wrong though. And the fact that Ed was the one who got me started on repeaters i don't see any harm in posting in his section. Man, we are all adults.
  4. jekhb1976

    jekhb1976 Active Member

    Jan 5, 2019
    Again, it didn't hold. But a fun way to play repeaters.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

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