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Casino Roxy Palace Bad Customer Service

Discussion in 'Casino Forum' started by babyjoker, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. babyjoker

    babyjoker Guest

    In a nutshell guys......

    Just got an email offering 50 freespins for a deposit of £20 and wanted to know more, went to the site and found the offer and clicked more info to see the wagering, t & c's, when there credited etc, the page said some sort of error like Im not allowed to view this page, something like that.

    So I head to live chat and get through to patty, I explain what I said above and go on a wild goose chase for 20 mins about whether I'm logged in or not, I was told Im not logged in as I was playing my last pennys from another deposit, I explained I am logged in as Im playing thunderstruck! The CS was then basically what I would call "lippy" and just copy and pasted what id already read in the email about the 50 freespins, no wagering info, no time of credit, nothing.

    So I said I already know this and the agent spent more time telling me she'd already explained everything i need to know, bloody awful service and just one of those chats were you feel your talking in Swahili. Definately wont go back here out of stubbornness as she really rubbed me up the wrong way.

    Just to recap, I asked what is the wagering and when are they credited, that is all! No Roxy for me my laaads :p

  2. AskBoab

    AskBoab Member

    Apr 11, 2018
    Betting Expert, pro-Gambler & pro-Astrologer
    London, UK
    Reptiles ... thanks for the heads-up! ;)
  3. Neal Pace

    Neal Pace Member

    Dec 21, 2016
    I'd be sure to do some research before you create accounts and start playing. Check out this codes of conduct research too for some tips on how to avoid bad customer service etc.

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