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Blackjack Short OK trip report.

Discussion in 'Blackjack Forum' started by ZeeBabar, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. ZeeBabar

    ZeeBabar Guest

    First stop- Downstream casino- nice, clean, pretty. Lost $300 playing $10 DD BJ. Required players card or pay ante. Got Players card.

    Second stop-Bull Run casino, small to medium. Played the one DD game with $25 min., where a gentleman had 15 Black chips and another 12 Green Chips. Won $250 in about 40 minutes. Interesting note, big player got frustrated, played $500 (he had been playing 2 hands of $100 each) and dealer called “table max”. He won the bet reduced his to $100. I increased my bet from $25 to $100 and dealer called out “Checks play”. Memorable for me was that I doubled an Ace,7 against a 4 with a very high count and a $100 bet, rich guy got upset till my A,7 was hit with a 6 and dealer busted with two ten cards. I left with a $250 win to check into their nice hotel (only $69.95).

    Third stop- River Bend casino. Small to Medium size casino. Being a weekday afternoon, only one DD table with 2 other players, $10 minimum. Went in a hole, came out up $105, left.

    Last stop for day- Indigo Sky. Nice casino, large for Oklahoma. Played a $10 DD table ($10 min), stayed even, left as I had to return to motel for NBA game.

    Next day, went to Downstream casino. I started playing the $10 DD game with two others. One was playing a mix of Green and red (topping a Green Chips with a red or two) and I was playing with $20 to start, varying from $10 to $75.

    I was the only non-white person in the casino, certainly only one playing BJ at 9:00 a.m. One guy at the pit was giving me stares. About an hour into the session, even as I was playing conservatively, pit guy and security tapped me and said that people upstairs have made a decision and I was not allowed to play BJ, that I could play other games. I protested mildly that I was losing, that I was just passing time before I had other things to do in a couple of hours. No luck, just that he cannot change the decision, sorry.

    I then left the state, drove home.

    From what I learned, the casinos towards the Missouri border waive the ante with a players card, further south, they don’t. Ante is 50 cents a bet for under $50 bets, $1 for higher ones. Table limits I saw were low, $10-$350 or $25-$500.

    It’s not that great a place to play. Penetration, though, was good at about 70-75% on DD, deck off on 6 deck.

    I just just get too upset being backed off. I have to get over it and just go play another casino. I did not want a second back off the same day.


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