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Forex The Brain (Pattern Recognition)

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by kinspk, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. kinspk

    kinspk Guest

    Inserted Video

    I am sharing this because I found it to be trading related, and maybe can change some of your thoughts in trading. This Chinese competition featuring some of the intelligent human who possess skills which are above average human, including usage of memory, pattern recognition, pressure, conditions, decision making, IQ, maths, etc. This is season 2, but personally think that Season 1 had stronger contestants. And Season 1 include China contestants challenging others experts from the West, while most of the contestants are from Mensa.

    From 40:47, a female contestant challenge herself to recognise a random chart pattern chosen by 3 celebrity judges and 1 scientist. The challenge was taken against more than 2000 shanghai stocks, and random chart patterns are pick out of 1000 pieces without price, date and time, just purely line charts. She need to point out the stock number, the date, and the name of the stock.

    Although the scientist failed her, but I still think it's not easy, because she can remember more than 2000 stocks.

    In the past, I saw threads debate about random/non random, while also taking into consideration if time and prices are excluded, am I able to trade it, so I self test myself by taking screen shot of some charts from different timeframe & 3 different pairs without price and time/date (just candles sticks) and test myself few weeks/months later.

    And at that time, my average results let me realize about the existence of both random and non random movement in which I improve my naked trading. Season 1 contestants had inspire me to differentiate things in a different way which I felt quite useful to our trading.

    Enjoy if you understand it.


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