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Blackjack The Horror of Card Counting

Discussion in 'Blackjack Forum' started by Frank Scoblete, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Frank Scoblete

    Frank Scoblete Active Member Founding Member

    Jan 15, 2015
  2. EKAPS

    EKAPS Member Founding Member

    Dec 25, 2014
    Good article, Frank. BJ sucks even when it doesn't suck, because you know that right around the corner it will majorly suck again. It's like driving on a horribly potholed dirt road, and you come to a nice short paved stretch. You can't really enjoy it because you know the potholed dirt part is coming right up again.
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  3. Greasyjohn

    Greasyjohn New Member

    Jul 1, 2016
    We've all seen it when the dealer hits his stiff and comes up with the perfect card. I don't sweat it because I know it is going to happen just under 8% of the time.
  4. KewlJ

    KewlJ Active Member

    Jun 22, 2015
    Las Vegas
    Less than 8% of the time, but gosh it sometimes seems like more doesn't it? (selective memory...;)). Sometimes we are down to half a deck remaining and a +15 count and it's like the dealer manages to pull the one small card left to turn his 16 to a 21. :eek:

    While we don't sweat it, you should at least pretend to. That's no cost cover. Ploppies don't sit there and smile and say yeah, it happens, so we shouldn't either. At least pretend to be annoyed.

    Here is one time this no cost cover bought me a little time. I was down near the end of the shoe, count very positive and I had played my max bet for 3 or 4 hands losing all. The pit critter was hovering over me, having taken an interest since I went max bet. I expected the backoff at almost any moment. So I draw a 20 vs dealer 5 with my max bet. Count was high enough that you could consider splitting, but I just don't do that. That is one play I forgo in the name of longevity, unless the count is monster-monster high. And even if I was a ten-splitter, I wouldn't do it with the pit breathing down my neck.

    So still acting disgusted from losing the last several bets, I said to the pit critter "I should just surrender and save half my bet", just to try to lighten the moment. Well the dealer did in fact pull a 4 card 21 and the pit critter said "ouch". You could just feel genuine sympathy and I never got the back off (of course left at the end of the shoe). But returned to play with that pit guy a number of times with no issues. He just seemed to like me a bit more after than incident.

    I call that "no cost cover". A lot of players will tell you that you are wasting your time with anything verbal because the EITS has no ears and in today's world that is where a lot of heat and evaluations come from. But again, it is no cost. It can't hurt and just might help....if you get lucky.
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