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Misc Think about the 'How's and Why's' about your gambling

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Gambling Forum' started by maxonca, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. maxonca

    maxonca New Member

    Aug 22, 2018
    Have you ever taken the time to really think about the 'How's and Why's' about your gambling?

    Forget about why others do something, or about how other claim if you wager for such-and-such, after so and so happens, you will win because of something they discovered to be correct and happens all the time or the highest majority of the times. Forget about all the theory and all the members that repeatedly say you will lose and lose because you fail to see their side and what really happens. And everything along those lines. 바카라사이트

    Really sit down and produce the answers to the following that might just give you some real accurate insight and help you.

    What is your actual thought process?

    Why do you think the way you do?

    Is there a point/an ultra Key-Trigger that really pushes you to go for it?

    Why do you believe you can only win on 1's, 2's and maybe 3's versus 3's, 4's and 5's?

    During a streak of say 5 or greater, why would you switch to the opposite side, the cut and keep wagering for that?

    Why do you play the amount of hands you play?

    Do you allow yourself to be influenced in any way while you play?

    Do you ever recognize you are in a Rut, where everyone else is winning and you are not and then you fall prey and join them and then they start to lose?

    What really influences you more or greater than anything?

    What is it you believe about point values, naturals, reductions by the third card or additions by the third card?

    Does winning change the way you wager or is it the amount of hands without a relation to the dollar value?

    There are probably lots of other things, but those come to mind quickly. You need to ask yourself and figure things out. Otherwise you are just walking down an unknown path and have no idea. Sure most will say, when I win, I pocket it all and I am not misled or ever distracted. And, then when I lose I have a strict stop loss of 3 or 5 units, etc. They come off like the most highly governed and perfect gambler ever. Bullcrap! 100% bull stuff! Period.

    Another thing, but along the same lines. I love the way so many people get on these gambling forums and message boards, the highest percentage with their one or two methods, exploiting their 3 or 6 months or even a year or two in the game, as fighting to convince everyone how a certain system or method will prevail, time after time. The clincher to that or other situations that are similar, are all the new members that suddenly joined the same date or right around the same time that support and how that newly formed group are all above everyone else. Oh yeah, they all decide jointly to communicate with only each other and put everyone else on ignore. Gotta love it.

    So with that said.

    What do you read?

    What do you actually absorb?

    What do you believe in?

    What do you strive for?

    Why do you believe there are unlimited pots of gold at the casino for easy taking?

    Do you really know what it is you are engaging in can actually do and what it cannot do?

    You know last night; I had 2 jobs that I turned down. Both jobs would have grossed my company at least $750k with a net of around $650k. But I just sat down, figured things out, the risk, the danger, the personnel I had, the allocation of what those two jobs would have taken, along with the other things I factor in. I turned them both down. One was industrial adhesive glue of some type. The client that called us stressed how the truck was not placarded, not marked as haz-mat and the cargo will not ignite. The job entailed drilling the truck and transferring the cargo product, etc. But in thinking this through, even though the product is non haz-mat in its current state and no ignitable, the toxin level with the VOC's (volatile organic compounds) according to the MSDS are huge. Danger to respiratory system unlike what the client representing the shipper was aware of. It involved 5,000 + gallons of it. Although a great job, I just did not have the personnel here and ready, besides myself to commit to this job. An hour later, a call comes in for a 1,000 pound spill of zinc ion sulfate which is an extremely dangerous Class 9 hazardous material in the form it was in. Again, although we have level A suits and we are qualified, I had to turn it down once I thought through the response, the mitigation of the scene, the securement of the spilled product into secondary containment and the transportation and disposal of it. 카지노사이트

    Not to belittle or cause ill feelings here, but do you guys even think of reasoning, outcomes, consequences, etc., with gambling? Oh, I am a gambler yes, I know many sides of gaming from the gambler, to the casino management to the educational sides of it. It just appears to myself, through my own gaming experience, the people I discuss it with and actually gamble as well as board members here, there is just this overwhelming 'easy as pie', there for the 'pickings' type of thought with baccarat and casino games in general.

    Maybe just a bit of thought as to why and how, might help you? Rather than if I only did this and that because so and so, said so?

  2. John Blerg

    John Blerg Well-Known Member 👹 Troll 👹

    Jan 9, 2018
    Founder of CalAsia Proven Baccarat Wagering Method
    Self Banned Troll
    That was posted august 15th in the baccarat section room on Betselection website by alrelax, this member copy and pasted, lol. I read 2 other boards and here, the little bit of Korean letters i don't know. Lmao!

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