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Craps This play was originally introduced on the forum by a guy who went by the handle "Big Kahn...

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by Heavy, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Heavy

    Heavy Guest

    This play was originally introduced on the forum by a guy who went by the handle "Big Kahn Man." He was a regular for many years, who I suspect has since moved on to that great craps game in the sky. Supposedly the strategy was invented by a Las Vegas dealer who worked at Harrah's. This dealer, known as Big Al, worked the graveyard shift at Harrah’s for many years. At times, in the wee small hours Al would get bored standing around. He and the other dealers would pass the time trying to come up with creative betting strategies, then testing them out in a “mental” game whenever they had a shooter. The Army System came from one of those deep night brainstorm sessions.

    The Army System begins with a wager on both the four and the ten, and can be can be mustered out for just $10 in action. All bets are parlayed until the action marches from one end of the layout to the other, at which point the player locks up a $1500 win. Granted, it does not work often – but Al claims he sees the progression work at least once a shift, and that on one occasion he saw it completed three times in forty minutes. Here is the progression:

    Begin with $5 each on the four and ten – working on the come out. If and when one of those numbers hits it will pay $9. Drop $1 on the layout and instruct the dealer to move all of your action from the four and ten to the number adjacent to the point that just rolled, either the five or nine. This will give you a total of $20 on one of those numbers. Wait for the next decision.

    If and when your point is rolled the dealer will pay you $28. Tell the dealer to take the $28 plus your $20 action on the layout and march it to the six or eight – whichever is next on the layout. You will then have $48 placed on that point.

    If and when that point rolls the dealer will pay you $56. Lock up $2 of the win and tell the dealer to take the remaining chips and place the next number up or down the line – either the six or eight – for $102.

    When that number rolls the dealer will pay you $119. You lock up $1 and instruct the dealer to march your bets on over to the five or nine, whichever is next in the series. You will have a total of $220 action on the next roll.

    When the five or none hit it will pay $308. Lock up $8 and buy the next number in the series – the four or ten – for $500. If the number you bought rolls now you will have completed the Army March and collect $1500 and down.

    While this novelty strategy requires a great deal of patience, its low entry level makes it suitable for many players. It can also be a fun side bet to utilize in addition to your standard betting routine.
    Statistics: Posted by Heavy — Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:05 pm — Replies 16 — Views 430


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