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Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by Dicenator, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Dicenator

    Dicenator New Member

    May 14, 2015

    After the miserable experience I had throwing marbles at the craps table on the Carnival Pride in Nov. 2015, I made a statement to the Senior Vice President of Casino Operations for Carnival Corporation. The statement was that "dice this worn negatively affect players ability to throw the dice and that they add more randomness to the throwing results. I gave him my throwing results with the marbles versus dice although they had been previously used were still acceptable and there was a 2.5 throw per hand average degradation with the marbles.

    Now when I practice at home I do it in 30 throw sessions and I throw the dice away after 20 sessions or 600 throws. When I returned from this cruise I had competed 15 sessions or 450 throws on the set of dice I was using. I decided to extend my sessions well past 20 to see what the results would be. The critical thing that I look for is a reduction in the number of 7's I throw. I used the Hard Way set, 3's of top and 5's facing me for each throw. Here are my practice results listing the number of 7's per each 30 throw session:

    SESSION # # 7'S SESSION # #7'S SESSION # #7'S

    1 0 11 1 21 4

    2 2 12 1 22 4

    3 1 13 1 23 3

    4 2 14 2 24 3

    5 1 15 1 25 5

    6 0 16 1 26 6

    7 0 17 0 27 5

    8 2 18 2 28 4

    9 2 19 3 29 5

    10 1 20 4 30 3

    11 7'S OUT OF 300 THROWS 16 7'S OUT OF 300 THROWS 42 7'S OUT OF 300 THROWS

    As you can see things started turning for the worst at session #20 or 600 throws. After that for the last 300 throws my performance was only slightly above a SRR of 6.0. I would also note that my dice after 900 throws still had corners although they were not sharp any longer. They were nowhere near as bad as what I was throwing on the cruise ship.

    I would appreciate any comments you may have. I seriously doubt that anyone has done a study like this.

    Thank you,

  2. Mark V

    Mark V Active Member Lineage to Founders

    Feb 16, 2015
    Gambler, bikini contest judge, and lounge rat
    Las Vegas
    Bad dice do exist!

    Unregulated casinos (Cruse ships and Indian casinos) are known to buy dice from Mexico or China where the manufacturing process of the dice is very poor resulting in unbalanced dice with heavy six face.

    I don't think anyone can control the dice, however bad dice do tend to show more craps/yo's rolls and sevens more than fair dice.
  3. $nakeEye$

    $nakeEye$ Active Member Founding Member

    Dec 30, 2014
    Las Vegas

    Land based casinos change dice at least once per shift - every 8 hours - regardless how much action each table received during each shift.

    Assuming a craps table had continuous action during the course of an 8 hour shift - and the dice were tossed once each minute -

    One person is playing alone at this table and keeps the original pair of dice for the entire 8 hour session -

    That scenario equates to a mere 480 tosses during the entire session ( 8 hours x 60 minutes an hour = 480 minutes / tosses )

    This hypothetical scenario is only 1 additional 30 roll session than your recorded 450 rolls .

    I know that you are passionate about the game and approach it in a professional manner.

    Therefore, I do not dispute your findings one iota.

    The only suggestion(s) I can make to you are :

    1. Play land based casinos more frequently

    2. Avoid the cruise ship craps tables IF they are using worn dice and find an alternate casino game while on the ship !

    3. Bring your own dice with you on those boats ! :D


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