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Forex Trading daily pivot points, learning

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by Ftj, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Ftj

    Ftj Guest

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trading Pivot points (Daily) with mixed succes, sometimes good winning streaks, but i have days i just can't seem to get it together.
    Just like today.

    My grandpa always said, it's not a mistake if you learn something from it, so thats what i hopefully with help can do.
    Everyday i look at the charts to try to understand what i did wrong or right.

    I'm still a rookie after 2 years of trading, so hoping somebody can help me further.

    Attachment 3118357

    Like my first trade from this day, i thought it hit the Pivot nicely, with the price below it's highest point, so toke the trade. After 3 minutes it got taken out.
    Did i sell to soon?, should i had to wait for a bearis candle, is 5 minute chart to low for pivots, Or maby something else?

    Just in short: Where can i improve. I'm not asking for the winning formula, the holy grail, or how to win 100% of the trades. I know thats impossible lol

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  2. Jenny Bane

    Jenny Bane Member

    Jan 26, 2020
    For some people trading is easy, for some people it is very tough. It is fully depend on the knowledge and techniques trader has. If he can do all the trade very sharply it will be very easy to make profit. But those who can't deal the trade simply with their mind they may face difficulties in forex market. Sometimes some trader feels the trade tough just because of their broker. Broker plays an important role in trading. In my trading career, my broker [removed] helps me to make the trade easy. They give all kind of facilities I want to make my trade.
  3. Diego San

    Diego San Member

    Dec 10, 2019
    If you decided to do scalping then you should very careful to select your broker. I've selected ForexChief, they provide Monthly Bonuses to new clients, Trading Promotions, Premium Rewards and promotions, Trading Platforms Extra Features and Softwares, Bonus on Deposits and account opening, Premium Trading Account. Forex is the business site now a days. You can easily earn a good amount of profit if you know the process clearly. In forex trading there are many kinds of trading strategies. But scalping is the most profitable and short time executing strategy. Because the traders who prefer to get a very small amount of profit and do not hold their position for long choose scalping.

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