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Forex Trading made possible with EsikeA+++

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by fxrabbi, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. fxrabbi

    fxrabbi Guest

    I think I need no introduction here.

    I think its right time I show the other ways of making green pips aside 00 Level Trading System.

    Trading made possible with EsikeA+++ has to do with the following structures:

    1. 5ema.

    2. The talking Stochs.

    3. Welles WeldersDMI.

    The Entrance - trigger:

    1. 5ema trigger:
    - Arrow.
    - 5 ema with a 2 shift.

    2. The talking Stochs:
    i.) Rope.
    ii.) DodgerBlue lines inside climbing FireBrick wall, will always result in price climbing.
    iii.) DodgerBlue lines inside falling FireBrick wall, will always result in price falling.

    3. DMI's crossing:
    i.) ADX must be above one of the DMI's.
    ii.) ADXr must be above 20 level.


    I use M15 TF, but it will work in any TF.

    Money/Trade Management:

    1. MM =2%.
    2. TP = 30pips.
    3. SL = 15pips.
    4. BE/Lock-in-pips = 15pips.
    5. Daily Target = 30pips.
    6. Stop trading after 3 consecutive losses.


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