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Roulette Two dozen method

Discussion in 'Roulette Forum' started by Sparky, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Sparky

    Sparky Member Founding Member

    Jan 26, 2015
    Well this is nothing earth shattering. But maybe it's worth someone looking at and
    shattering my dream.

    I have a method that plays last two dozen from Izak with a labby. In discussions
    about it the idea to swap bet choices came up. It seemed to work pretty good a few
    months ago when the idea came up.


    Play last two dozen with a labby. If you lose once, you switch your bet to the "other" two,
    or the 2nd and 3rd to last dozen. Lose again, switch back

    I experienced a losing streak of about 8 in a row once. But otherwise losses of even 2 are
    rare. So in my testing what I do is stop if I get two losses and wait for a paper win. Then
    I continue in the same manner.

    I have been doing a lot of testing with this as plainridge casino opened 3 exits up from me
    and I can stop there in about 15 min almost any time. So I stop for 15-30 min sessions from
    time to time.

    They have the real mechanical roulette wheel with a real ball. And my results have bee really good.
    My "worst" session was today when I got to 5-5 labby bet. That bet totaled my exposure to 28 units
    if I lost. So $150 bank kind of thing.

    I am trying to figure if I should play it with certain stop losses. Most of the time getting 10 units
    in about 15 min doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Food for thought. I'll keep testing.


    http://www.rouletteforum .cc/index.php?topic=15761.0
  2. EKAPS

    EKAPS Member Founding Member

    Dec 25, 2014
    This bot posts the most worthless systems I've seen in ten years. Whats the point? All your doing is betting random against random, which never works. Ever.

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