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Video Poker Video Poker - Strict Rules of Parlay Rules

Discussion in 'Video Poker Forum' started by Mark V, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Mark V

    Mark V Active Member Lineage to Founders

    Feb 16, 2015
    Gambler, bikini contest judge, and lounge rat
    Las Vegas
    With permission from http://www.royalflushervegas.com/2014/05/strict-rules-of-parlay-rules.html

    Strict Rules of Parlay

    Pick your denomination (25 cent, for example) and game of Video Poker. Insert some amount, $20 for example.

    If and when you double your buy-in, you double your denomination.

    Each time you double your stake, you move up a denomination.

    Once you have doubled your stake at the top denomination (or you can't stand the heat) you cash out and start again.

    If you have moved up a denomination or two, and you start to lose, when you drop down below the point at which you doubled your denomination, you move back down again. If you double up again, you can move up again to the next denomination

    Why bother with all this flusherfoolery?

    This technique hopefully gives you some higher denomination play on a small buy-in, rather than putting in more money to start at a higher denomination, and blowing through it, potentially.

    Basically its "press when you are winning, bet small when losing."

    Here's an example of the S.R.P.

    I go to a Bonus Poker Machine and put in $20 and select the quarter denomination. I play and get a couple of fulls house and get up to $42.50.

    I now select 50-cent play. I play a bit and hit a quad and find myself with $90 in the machine. I switch to dollars.

    I go up to $130 and then down to $90, and then $85. I switch back to 50-cent and order a double Absolut on the rocks.

    I play and get up to $100. I go to dollar play. I hit a quad and have $225. I go to $2 play and hope to hell I hit something. I get up to $450 and there are no higher denoms on the machine. I cash out, and start again at quarters.

    Strict Rules of Parlay - Queensbury variation

    With the Queensbury Rules of Parlay, once you have moved up a denomination, you stay there no matter what. If you start losing, you're allowed to dive straight into the ground.

    You still have a chance at higher denomination play on a small buy-in, but you forgo the downside protection of the Strict Rules of Parlay.

    Strict Rules with Pre-emptive Parlay

    If you are playing S.R.P and have a machine that is hitting and hitting but isn't climbing, you may choose to do a pre-emptive parlay - that is, parlaying before hitting the double point. Starting from quarters, I might do this if I am over $30 but under $40 and getting tons of pairs. Might as well get in some 50 cent action for when the hit does come right?

    If I drop to $20, I go back to quarters.

    Micro Strict Rules of Parlay

    This is a fun variation. Start with $5 on quarters, and follow the Strict Rules of Parlay - Queensbury variation. See if you can work up to a big denom and hit something like a quad. If you do, you're outta there and you start again.

    Does it work?

    Mathematically, in the long run, it probably does not make a difference. And yet...

    Why do you do it?

    Because we hit a couple of 50 cent Royals and a few dollar Royals after parlaying. This lulls us into the idea that this works. Besides, it is one hell of a lot of fun.

    Note from Mark V:
    I have used this method in real casinos from time to time. When you find a machine that seems easy to win on, then use it! Often when you get on a hot run you can quickly get to the dollar or two dollar level and get a lucky hit. More than once I turned $20 in to $500. But sometimes I just lose the twenty too.

    PS: This method can be used with slots too.
  2. Varun Praharaj

    Varun Praharaj New Member

    Jun 28, 2016
    This is really informative post about Parlay Rules.
    Thanks for shearing this.
    Yes this technique gives some higher denomination play on a small buy-in, rather than putting in more money to start at a higher denomination, and blowing through it, potentially.
  3. RobSinger

    RobSinger Member

    Apr 6, 2016
    S. Dakota
    That idiot who writes under the royalflusher handle has no clue how to play vp. You NEVER go up in denomination after winning any amount of money. That's EXACTLY what the casinos want and expect a stupid gambler to do, and it's exactly what every vp addict does.

    Insert shaking of the head here.
    Loraine likes this.
  4. Mickey Crimm

    Mickey Crimm Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2015
    Rob has a much better system. It's a marty type system where you BET MORE WHEN YOU ARE LOSING! Yes, it's a much better system than betting more when you are winning. NOT!

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