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Sports Betting Week 2 NFL Picks: Going for 7 Straight Wins

Discussion in 'Sports Betting Forum | Sportsbook Forum' started by thomorino, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. thomorino

    thomorino Guest

    6-1 to start the season

    +24.75 units

    All picks are to win 5 units unless otherwise stated.

    These 4 picks are from a previous thread and were posted yesterday - some of the lines are not available anymore, this is just a reposting of the picks that were already posted yesterday.

    Bengals +3.5

    Burrow looked good and the Bears offense is trash, the Rams lost a lot of players on defense, but the Bengals invested significantly in their defensive line this year and their defense was solid against Minnesota. The Bears defense has been inconsistent the last several years and wasn't impressive against the Rams.

    Denver -6

    Jacksonville has no offensive line and Denver has one of the best defensive fronts and defenses in football. Shermur is one of the better offensive minds and he's won with Bridgewater before, the Denver offense looked good week 1.

    49ers -3 - 115

    The Eagles depend on short passing and running, but the 49er front 7 is strong, and the Eagles run defense is inconsistent, the 49ers should be able to establish the running game their offense is built around.

    Miami Buffalo under 48 -115

    Miami's pass defense is strong and Bills have a weak running game. Tua doesn't throw deep and the Bills defense is solid.


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