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Forex what are your trading goals?

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by prophetfx, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. prophetfx

    prophetfx Guest

    I would like to know what you keep as your goal? it will be great to know what people have ideas to achieve.

    My trading goal is 500k trading account.

  2. Diego San

    Diego San Member

    Dec 10, 2019
    Forex trading is a long-term career way. It is probably not going to make you a millionaire medium-term. Truth be told, you may lose some before you even start making predictable returns from the market. Having realistic objectives can be the key difference among progress and failure in the trading industry just as in any close to home and expert interest throughout everyday life. Be that as it may, objectives can be precarious on the grounds that individuals normally set them excessively high, out of the realm of what is realistically reachable in a worthy measure of time.

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