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Blackjack Why has blackjack gone to shit?

Discussion in 'Blackjack Forum' started by MJ1, May 13, 2019.

  1. MJ1

    MJ1 Guest

    Conditions in the Northeast suck. You can't find a game with a SCORE even close to 50.

    How the hell do you guys make money if it takes 400 hours to get to the long run?

    Do you guys implement a wong out strategy with ODPs?

    How many rounds do you get per hour? I estimate roughly 120 rounds per hour with other players at the table.


  2. Jimske

    Jimske Active Member Founding Member

    Dec 30, 2014
    Nobody answering. I don't play much since I was flat betted years ago. Don't know what SCORE or ODPs means. Using a simple hi/lo in a shoe game you can expect to get 8 pos EV hands per 100 (8 deck). Rest is paying rent. Spreading 15:1 gonna give maybe 1.5% ROI. That's a lot if you can lay $10,000/per hour on the felt.

    But with crowded tables and no mid-shoe entry gonna be a real slog and will void Wong. Might do with a big player (BP) or two. Plus the heat with raising bets going to keep you hit and run In AC they will employ preferential shuffle once they catch on and that will be pretty quick.

    Personally I wouldn't consider playing with more than 3 others on the table - not wanting to share my good counts. Also I'd like the ability to spread my hands as an option if that's allowed.

    Might be able to do okay with less of a spread and good MM (read some progressive betting)and using the theory "what goes up must come down." Meaning trying to "guess" high cards after certain amount of low cards. I like 1st base for this.

    Better off in LV where you can hit and run easier. But yeah, it's a shitty game and IMO the above is why.


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