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Forex Winning Entry Signals (metatrader 4)

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by jmmn, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. jmmn

    jmmn Guest

    Good morning.

    My native language is not English so please excuse my writing errors.

    I am opening this thread in order to collect and share those very special WINNING TECHNICAL SIGNALS that usually offer to each of you, after the signal is given, xx pips, between 10 and 25, not more, to be "quite sure" (you all know how this works) that those pips will be got, adding the indicator (mt4) that must have its WINNING SIGNAL with sound and text.

    I suggest signal for Time Frames > 1 H, so everybody will have time to place the orders in case of interest.

    Hoping that many of you will like to participate, it is needed to:

    * Know from the own experience that the signal that we are including in this thread usually offers those 10/15 pips

    * Signal description/explanation with photo

    * Best time frame

    * Best pairs if any

    * Indicator with alarm (sound and text)

    * Any other suggestions useful for the success of the WINNING SIGNAL

    And now to wait for the first new THREAD entry.

    All the best!


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