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Forex Would you attend a "forex broker" seminar on how to trade?

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by EXpRINCE, Jan 9, 2019.


    EXpRINCE Guest

    It has come to my attention that most new traders attend such seminars...and i honestly just wanted to here your views on such doings(preferably views from similar 10+ years trading Gurus who occasionally pop in here.)What do you guys think?
    (This question was brought up by a student of mine-that i am mentoring for now.Well,being oceans apart with them,they just wanted to know/my opinion/input if since we can't meet face to face frequently can she add to what i'm teaching her by attending such a seminar/s in her country OFFERED BY HER FOREX TRADING BROKER.)

    Seniors what do you guys think???
    (...is learning from A FOREX BROKER a good idea?)

    My opinion:Honestly i got to where i am today by not "trusting brokers for all things" nor listening to any broker about how to trade!!!i always figured doing so was like attending a seminar held by the other side before we go to war.Imagine david attenting Goliath's seminar before going to war.would David have won the historical fight?
    Insert:I know some brokers are good and mean well,a few of them-but really???yes i also do remember Technically we aren't at war with Forex trading brokers as such-but aren't they for the most part adding gas to the fire-making them part of the bigger enemy-aka market makers???


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