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Blackjack Playing multiple hands - Question for Don

Discussion in 'Blackjack Forum' started by MJ1, May 3, 2019.

  1. MJ1

    MJ1 Guest

    Okay, suppose you are playing with another player at the table. The count warrants a bet of $100 for one hand. Is it better to play 2 hands of $50 (decreases variance while keeping EV the same) or should you spread to two hands of $75 (variance remains same but EV increases by 50%). If SCORE is hourly earnings then I'm guessing the latter scenario produces the higher SCORE. But which scenario will generate a higher CE?


  2. Parpaluck

    Parpaluck New Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    Gettysburg, PA
    You askin’ Don?? You mean Don Schlesinger (aka Kaufchewk) of the The Asylum (BJTF) “fame”???

    Don hasn’t played blackjack in at least a quarter of a century! That is, playing in a real casino. He and his NY buddy Norman Wattenberger (aka Shkiottorban) haven’t even entered a real casino in over one decade, 15 years, and months, weeks, and days counting…

    They’ve never seen a shuffling machine. Hey, they don’t even know what doubling down means!

    “The Asylum: BlackjackTheForum (BJTF)”.

    As of single hand vs. multiple hands.
    Playing multiple hands is the aggravation the card counters bring upon themselves. Not to mention that the blackjack tables are overwhelmingly full… and would-be players are waiting behind you!

    Card counting is supposed to be a winning proposition for heads-up play. The more players at the table, the worse it gets for any individual player. The count is high, the player expects a high hand and wishfully-thinking a dealer bust.

    For multiple players, the “benefit” gets diminished as it is divided amongst more than one player. And by adding yourself more hands you… add insult to your injury! Take this to the bank: Play more hands, lose more money.

    Observant players notice (and some of them cry out loud) that there is virtually no round when ALL players at the table win. There are busts before the dealer plays her hand.

    I ain’t a hypocrite like Norm. I was a “traditional counter” and I still count cards. My fundamental problem with the “traditional card-counting” is this:
    • The card-counter automatically raises his bet when the count is high (positive). The unfavorable situations, however, outnumber the positive cases. Therefore the counter loses more money than the basic strategy player. And that’s why there is virtually no round when ALL players at the table win. Losing is not bad variance — it is the norm… the real norm (not NORMan Bates0!
    The count I apply is primarily for the blackjack insurance. Certain situations (Tens out in the round clearly below the norm… real norm)… favor also doubling down. I am not allowed to post links here. We all agree that links improve informative quality by an order of magnitude. You might want to google on blackjack insurance saliu. You’ll learn there this blackjack super count, plus a truckload of useful information (bj odds, double-down hands, total and favorable pairs, etc.)

    The Lizard of Odds saw my analyses a few years later. So, in January 2019, he hurriedly wrote an article about insurance and the one-third rule I base my bj super count on.

    Ion Saliu,
    Founder of Gambling Mathematics
    The Best Blackjack Player Ever
    (Nobody has ever dared to take the Parpaluck Challenge — no Don, no N0rm, no Wizard of Vegas… he plays slots (?) online...)

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