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Sock Puppet CONFIRMED: Junket King = Natural9 = GrimReaper

Discussion in 'Sock Puppet Accusations' started by Junket King, Feb 20, 2022.

  1. Junket King

    Junket King Well-Known Member Compulsive Liar

    Jun 5, 2016
    ABR Complusive LIAR Management
    Manage the LIARS & you Control the Game
    Appears we have another "FALSE FLAG" operation (what it is with Eastern Europeans and these false flags?).

    Doubtless this relates to my "real world good mate" Natural 9 and the favouritism he has thrown in my direction.

    Dear comrade who also considered my defunct "chat site" as some attempt to rival the number one gambling forum in the entire universe, now concludes that my real world good mate is a sock account and I've been given an ultimatum to confess or die, not only to this sock account, but all my other sock accounts too.

    Here is the thing comrade van gogh, (I no longer have your ear, so I surmise you cut them off correct?) I have no other, never have, created any sock accounts on this board period, в порядке

    As you seem pretty distressed by sock puppets accounts, I suggest you look at any of the following bogus accounts; IsaacFerguson, Rona, vmlvadim etc etc along with the hundreds of other bogus accounts that populate the introduction section, I guess in some vain attempt to make this board into something which it clearly isn't, ditto the fake $5000 give-away.

    So dear comrade Komp-controller regarding my presence on GF, slowed or otherwise

    Does it put food on my table or help me pay my bills, NO.
    Does it in any way help me win at a casino LOL, NO
    Does a slow down hinder my ability to access this site, NO
    Does it provide great entertainment on par as watching YouTube or a film, NO.
    Do I enjoy reading deluded bullshit from Mark, Alfred and Daniel, all serial casino winners whom have conquered casinos games but don't value money therefore are stone cold broke. NO.
    Do you have a monopoly on arrogance, NO
    Is N9 a sock, NO (if you believe otherwise, don't be like Putin, be transparent and produce proof, manipulating "likes" is not proof, it happens a lot and is usually based on common political beliefs).
    Have I any other sock accounts (LOL), let me check, Johno, egalite, Rolex, none of those exist, so I guess NO.
    Do I care about what you assume or action you take? сочувственно нет

    By the way I too stand with Ukraine....

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  2. Admin Team

    Admin Team Administrators Admins

    Nov 6, 2014
    This is a lie.

    Your sock puppets on this site include:

    Since you have failed to confess despite given the opportunity to do so in order to save yourself from being permanently slowed down, your accounts will be merged and your main account here will be permanently slowed down as was instructed to you via PM if you did not come clean. Furthermore, since you have not only declined to confess, but actually continued to lie and falsely claim you do not have sock puppets on this site, you have also permanently lost your PM, Signature, and Profile Post privileges on this site.

    Additionally, since you used your sock puppets to "like" your own posts and falsely inflate your like count, your like count has been reset to 0 and you will not be allowed to like new content.

    You can appeal to have these restrictions removed in 1 year. In the meantime, you can post and participate as usual as your posting privileges on the site have not been affected.

    Your 2 sock puppet accounts above will be merged into your main @Junket King account in 24 hours.

    Folks, let this be a lesson to everyone. Do not create sock puppets on this site as they violate our rules and you will eventually get caught. If we catch you with multiple accounts, don't do what member Junket King did and deny it, and certainly don't create a thread about it and lie. Come clean and spare yourself a permanent slow down and loss of privileges.

    We would like to thank member @soxfan for bringing this matter to our attention.
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  3. Bombus

    Bombus Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2016
    amongst flowers
    Sock Puppet in the blue, Admin in the yellow.... Let's get ready to rumble!



    Attached Files:

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  4. Median Joe

    Median Joe Active Member

    Nov 22, 2020
    sock puppet : a false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views.

    It doesn't follow that someone who has created more than one account is necessarily a sock puppet on that definition, but Admin don't appear to acknowledge this.

    For example, suppose you create an account here, but don't post for some time, and then find you've lost your account details. What then? If you want resume posting you have no option but to create another account. Another possibility is that two people using the same computer have accounts here. They are not the same person, therefore there is no sock puppetry going on.
  5. Keyser Soze

    Keyser Soze Active Member

    Sep 30, 2021
    Let’s hope your bestie SPIKE doesn’t get a hold of this. He’ll be all over this, no doubt.
    Lucky he has you on ‘ignore’
    Nathan Detroit likes this.
  6. Admin Team

    Admin Team Administrators Admins

    Nov 6, 2014
    Then you use either the Forgot Password feature or the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site to reach out to us to resolve it. What you do not do is violate our rules and create a new account.

    This is not true as mentioned above.

    We have been running forums for decades and are not naïve. This is not Facebook where most people in the Western world have an account. The odds of more than 1 person in a household using our site are infinitesimal. So if we see accounts from the same household, they will always be considered a sock puppet of the original account as far as we are concerned. This is especially the case if the newer alternative account was devious and did not even reveal they are from the same household as an existing member. To be clearer, we will not allow multiple accounts from the same household as we are not going to allow people to claim they are a family with 8 adult children living at home so that they can create 10 accounts to like their own posts.

    We have vast experience catching sock puppets as we've been running multiple forums for well over a decade. We do not have a shadow of a doubt that @Natural9 and @GrimReaper are @Junket King's sock puppet accounts. This should be obvious to anyone that reads @Junket King's post above where they deny, make excuses about a real-world friend after they are caught, and then deflect towards other members. But we have actual hard evidence that we will of course not share so as to not reveal our methods so that they are not circumvented.

    Keep in mind that all our members who are caught with multiple accounts are given the opportunity to make a full confession without facing any repercussions other than the embarrassment and loss of credibility. You can view examples of this here and here. In this case, member @Junket King decided to continue their lie in order to attempt to save face, and so they suffered the consequences.
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  7. SPIKE

    SPIKE Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2020
    Is anybody really surprised? Only trolls have sock accounts, only people who constantly want to cause trouble. How pathetic Johno is, what an empty life he must have. Getting his jollies trying to make people as miserable as he is by creating false accounts. It's something a teenager would do, a teenager with major problems. I have him on permanent ignore anyway, this just reinforces why I did that.

  8. gizmotron

    gizmotron Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Jan 1, 2015
    The West Coast of USA, RV'ing
    This is ironic. The most outspoken liberal on this forum just got a taste of being canceled. Good timing too. Hillary just got proven to have started the whole Russia, Russia, Russia scandal. Arrest to follow... that's not saying anything about the most reliable voice in news. That's where Johno get's all his vital information. It Turns out that Hannity was telling the truth and getting the real facts out there all along. So this has turned out to be a bad month for JK. Take is slow buddy.
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  9. soxfan

    soxfan Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2016
    Bbbbwwwaaahhhh, so I guess the john-O gonna head into his bunker there in Scousers-ville for keeps this time, hey hey.
  10. Nathan Detroit

    Nathan Detroit Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Dec 25, 2014
    Gizmotron talked about Junket King and not about any other issue .

    Let us remain focused .
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  11. GSarosi

    GSarosi New Member

    Jan 3, 2020
    The Beyond

    After all these years still the same......

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